Frequently Asked Questions

  • » When will HelioVolt products be available?
      HelioVolt produces commercial rooftops, ground mount utility scale and certain building integrated applications. These installations specifically take advantage of the exceptional performance characteristics of our modules.
  • » Is the cost of photovoltaic modules measured in dollars per watt the best way to evaluate and compare alternative technologies?
      Although widely used, this is really a measure of the initial cost of just one part of the entire electricity-generating system. It ignores some very important factors: the efficiency of photovoltaic devices, their lifetime, and the cost of the rest of the system in which they are installed. The best measure is the actual cost of the electricity that the system itself generates over its lifetime, measured in cents per kilowatt hour.
  • » How can I purchase HelioVolt modules?
      HelioVolt modules are currently only available through our partners. Please visit our contact page if you would like to discuss your specific project or learn more about our products.
  • » Are price lists for HelioVolt products available?
      Module price lists are reserved for our partners and specific to the applications and regions where our partners operate.
  • » Does HelioVolt offer transparent modules?
      A module’s efficiency is dependent on the amount of sunlight absorbed, and any light that passes through is lost production power. In designing a product that optimizes your investment, we’ve discovered that a transparent module although novel and technically feasible is just not cost effective. We value both the aesthetics and the efficiency of our modules, and therefore do not offer transparent modules at this time.
  • » Does HelioVolt offer a flexible module?
      While our manufacturing process could be applied to a variety of substrates, in order to offer the most cost effective and reliable products offering 25+ years of performance, we have chosen a glass laminate platform for our products. Our robust product platform certainly includes flexible products in the future, so please visit us again for product updates, including availability of flexible products.
  • » How do I apply to work at HelioVolt?
      HelioVolt only accepts applications through our online application process, where all available positions are listed. Though all applications will be viewed, due to the high number of candidates we will only reply to a select few.
  • » Does HelioVolt do business internationally?
      Yes. We work with business partners around the globe and are actively pursuing opportunities in countries where there is both a commercial and economic need and desire for solar power.