CIGS: Most Promising Thin Film PV Material

The CIGS Advantage

CIGS Advantages:

  • CIGS has the highest energy yield (kWh/kWp)
  • CIGS does not contain hazardous levels of environmentally toxic materials
  • CIGS products are scalable and cost effective with cost roadmaps dropping to well below $1 per watt
  • CIGS offers a truly versatile technology platform easily applied in rooftop, field or building applications

CIGS is the most promising thin film photovoltaic material in the industry today with record efficiencies having reached silicon performance. When in 2008, researchers at The National Renewable Energy Labs announced efficiencies for CIGS solar cells of 19.9% they set the bar for new performance goals for thin film modules. "This is an important milestone," said NREL Senior Scientist Miguel Contreras. "The thin film people have always looked for matching silicon in performance, and we are reaching that goal." View article »

The EconomistI'm betting against silicon, says Arno Penzias, a Nobel-winning scientist who is now with NEA, a venture-capital firm who has invested in HelioVolt.