Advanced CIGS Manufacturing Process

HelioVolt Advantage

HelioVolt has developed an advanced manufacturing process for producing thin-film Copper Indium Gallium Selenide ("CIGS") modules. Our proprietary technology and manufacturing process allows HelioVolt to lead in the production of practical and economical solar modules aimed at the fastest growing commercial roof top and ground mount solar application markets.

HelioVolt Advantages:

  • Efficiency – Our technology positions us to reach higher efficiencies than other CIGS manufacturers through our two-step manufacturing process with very narrow distribution of power in our production. Our module efficiencies are approaching 14% with cell efficiencies ranging between 15 – 16% with significant upside as our technology continues to advance. The separation of our absorber precursor stack deposition process from the synthesis step provides HelioVolt the unique ability to control the key parameters required for superior material performance, resulting in the efficient absorption of a broad band of the solar spectrum.
  • Cost – Our thin film modules use a fraction of the expensive semiconductor material utilized in silicon modules allowing us to reach the lowest costs in the industry.
    Our automated and fully integrated manufacturing process from semiconductor deposition to final modules assembly and test allows us to reach high manufacturing efficiencies and low costs more rapidly than other competing technologies.
    Our monolithically interconnected modules mean no costly cutting/testing/binning/stringing of cells; the modules are true PV integrated circuits (PVICs), bringing to the solar industry the type of innovation that made electronic ICs ubiquitous, improving the quality of life everywhere.
    Our low temperature printing process enables an energy payback time of 1.5 years today, and under 6 months in the near future.
  • Scale – Our robust printing process with intrinsic uniformity enables the rapid deposition over large areas while achieving outstanding repeatability
  • Reliability – Our innovative packaging and rigorous environmental testing program deliver the highest reliability of any solar modules in the industry.