High-Performance Thin Film Modules

At HelioVolt, we are driving solar innovation to power a sustainable world. We work hard to ensure that our modules are most cost-effective solution on the market. We work closely with our partners to optimize our modules and system designs to best utilize our unique value proposition for every application.

With HelioVolt products, our customers can count on:

  • Highest performance thin film solar modules, providing superior diffused light performance and high energy yield
  • The most versatile product platform in the industry, with solutions to enable high angle ground mount installations, low tilt rooftop installations for wind load reduction, and even completely vertical or horizontal applications – all with outstanding performance
  • Extensive testing with leading balance of system (BOS) manufacturers for broad mounting and installation options
  • Reliable and environmentally friendly materials that do not require expensive and complicated end-of-cycle returns

Commercial roof topsCommercial roof tops

Complex rooftop installations require novel solutions to adapt to existing building orientation, roof structure, shading and wind load. HelioVolt has developed an ultra-efficient solution resulting in superior diffused light performance while maintaining high energy yield with low-tilt mounting.

HelioVolt has relationships with leading BOS providers to ensure compatibility for the most cost-effective implementation, even in complex building environments.

Ground mountGround mount

Utility scale solar power calls for reliable high performance modules. HelioVolt modules deliver impressive returns with high power from next generation thin-film technology. With 10 to 20% higher performance than today's c-Si PV technologies, our products are designed to yield the high energy harvest versus peak power rating.


HelioVolt has invested years in developing relationships with leading building material manufacturers and some of the world's top architects in order to deliver the most efficient and cost effective solar solutions for the integrated building environment. We focus on seamlessly incorporating our solar products into building materials to develop variable glass and wall panel sizes while providing the high efficiency thin-film products available. Only CIGS delivers efficiencies over 12% with dark and uniform color and reflectance properties to offer both maximum energy production and architecturally aesthetic design.


HelioVolt's technology is the most versatile technology platform. From fields to rooftops and buildings and finally custom structures, such as car shading, HelioVolt's high-performance and aesthetic attributes make our modules ideal for the most demanding climates and applications.