HelioVolt Partners

HelioVolt Partners

At HelioVolt, we pride ourselves on our industry relationships. We have a history of close collaboration with key customers and partners in driving innovation to support the deployment of solar products for novel applications like parking structures and curtain-wall spandrels.

We also work closely with leading providers of mounting systems and power management products to develop more efficient and lower cost racking system designs and novel inverter technologies – all designed to optimize thin-film system performance. Our partnerships with companies in building construction and maintenance services offer lower cost labor sources that potentially lead to over 25% cost reduction in BOS, installation and design cost reduction for commercial rooftop and BIPV systems.

We continue to seek out world class equipment and materials manufacturers to share in our expansion and growth plans. Novel approaches to state-of-the art photovoltaic manufacturing can only develop through close collaboration and partnership.

Project Developers and Installers

For solar project developers and installers to meet the demand for affordable construction projects, reducing initial construction costs is always a concern. Investing in solar power solutions at the outset can ultimately prove to be the most cost-effective strategy. HelioVolt partners with developers to create affordable power to promote "smart growth" in development projects. At HelioVolt we provide our partners with resources to better understand and work with our thin-film products. Our products are designed to meet industry standards and are easy to install. HelioVolt PV modules are designed for optimal annual performance, without sacrificing good aesthetics.

The result of our collaboration are more efficient and sustainable solar programs that have long term superior performance to other PV modules currently in use and better return on your investment.

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Recent breakthroughs in high-efficiency thin film modules finally offer architects the performance and aesthetic design previously not available. Photovoltaics or the integration of solar electricity into buildings, which has been until recently unacceptable to architects or unaffordable to consumers is now economically acceptable and in many cases cost competitive with utility-supplied power. Attractive solar architecture is now possible without giving up the performance that makes the system efficient and sustainable. HelioVolt works closely with our partners to ensure that our PV modules meet their project’s performance, durability and aesthetics needs.

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Balance of system (BOS) Providers

Until recently the electronics used in PV systems – inverters and Balance of System (BOS) components have been an overlooked and underinvested part of the solar ecosystem. However, balance of system components (cabling, combiner boxes, racks, and design and installation fees) account for a large percentage of an array’s per-watt cost – and represent a substantial opportunity for reduction in up-front expenditures. At HelioVolt we understand that the BOS components are essential support elements and need to be considered when developing PV installations. HelioVolt works closely with our BOS partners to develop systems that can be easily adaptable to the specifics of the project and provide the greatest performance.

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HelioVolt understands the importance and value of a diverse supply chain. We welcome businesses that can deliver optimal total cost, quality and delivery. We are committed to create relationships and opportunities for small and diverse companies. We seek suppliers who share our passion for success and for a greener planet. Consideration will be give to suppliers who can demonstrate:

  • Proven capability in the solar environment
  • Agility, responsiveness and dedicated support
  • Stellar products and product development

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