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3M Veteran with Printable Electronics and Materials Expertise Joins HelioVolt as New VP of Business Development

New VP to Expand Global Penetration of High-Efficiency Thin-Film Solar

Austin , Texas – October 12, 2006 — With an eye towards key international markets, HelioVolt Corporation today announced that materials and printed electronics veteran, Iga Hallberg, has joined as vice president of business development. With more than 16 years of experience in advanced materials marketing management, Hallberg specializes in forging strategic partnerships and implementing market development on a global scale. In her new role at HelioVolt, Hallberg will drive company growth in international markets by overseeing joint product development, manufacturing, and marketing alliances.

"Iga joins us with an invaluable experience in the type of large-scale technology commercialization and deal brokering that is fundamental to achieving HelioVolt's business objectives as we bring product to market within the US and throughout Europe and Asia," says BJ Stanbery , CEO of HelioVolt.

"The emerging energy sector and photovoltaics in particular hold enormous potential as the worldwide market continues to expand and look beyond current energy production capabilities," said Hallberg. "HelioVolt's thin film CIGS technology represents a potent combination of materials and manufacturing cost efficiencies capable of shifting the world ' s electricity production focus from one of a fossil-fuel dependent grid-tied model to one that couples production seamlessly with consumption at the site of the building itself."

With more than a decade of experience at technology pioneers such as 3M and NovaCentrix (formerly Nanotechnologies, Inc.), Hallberg has brokered multi-million dollar deals and led commercialization efforts focused on nanometal conductive inks and photonic curing equipment, and electronics materials manufacturing. She has also negotiated significant supply, technology licensing, and Joint Development Agreements. During her seven year stint at 3M, Hallberg led a multi-million dollar global product line focused on electronic materials handling, negotiated a global supply agreement for IBM 's new line of electronic device packaging products, and established development partnerships with key OEMs including Motorola, Siemens and Micron Technologies."

About HelioVolt

HelioVolt Corporation was founded in 2001 in order to develop and market new technology for applying thin-film photovoltaic coatings to conventional construction materials. The company's proprietary FASST® process, based on rapid semiconductor printing, was invented by HelioVolt founder Dr. Billy J. Stanbery, an eminent expert within the international PV community in the materials science of CIGS and related compound semiconductors. FASST® is a low-cost, flexible manufacturing process for CIGS synthesis and is protected by both eight issued US patents and by global patents pending. For additional information, visit